Why can't weed just look like weed?

Although laws and regulations around marijuana use have loosened up in recent years there still seems to exist a lot of taboo around it especially around packaging; it seems like weed brands are trying to not look like weed...and we wonder why?
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Legalization has brands focusing on functionality and wellness,  oftentimes leveraging themselves with a celebrity spokesperson or investor. Pain relief, beauty, athletes, hipsters, moms—name a niche, and there’s likely at least one cannabis startup vying to serve it.  In the green rush, however, we lost the collective weed aesthetic. Even the word weed somehow got left behind, replaced with the more corporate cannabis and when it comes to packaging brands resemble anything but weed.

From a legal standpoint, weed packaging is quite elaborate due to all the labeling and child safety requirements. From a marketing perspective we see weed packaging has taken several moods in order to become more approachable and it is possible that in the effort to bring weed to the masses, it's uniqueness has been lost.

Even if weed is targeted for a specific type of consumer, it's uniqueness should be maintained, so why not inject a little more fun into weed branding?

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