Which comes first, Branding or Marketing?

In all matters, branding comes first. Even though there are distinctions between the terms: Branding, brand identity, brand image, and brand communication, it would be a mistake to start “marketing” your service or product before designing your whole branding.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

There’s also a chance that you risk confusing your customers by presenting them with different identities, which makes them uncomfortable.

Moreover, you cannot create a successful and long-term marketing plan without understanding and integrating your brand identity across all your channels.

At Curious Brand, we use the power of design to create meaningful, memorable, and iconic brands, putting people at the center of the brand experience to drive behavioral change and deliver real impact.

Whether you are a consumer or retail brand, a well-established corporation, or a startup, our goal is to design & communicate the most memorable brand in your industry with exceptional design.