What Makes Employees Productive in a New Startup?

After launching a new startup, you'll want to grow your business as soon as possible but one of the key tools to do so is to get your employees to work productively and consistently.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

By nature, startups have some productivity factors like limited budgets, uncertainty, experimental workflows and role malleability. Although productivity isn't everything it is a gateway to growth and success. Here are some ways you can increase employee productivity in a startup:


Who you hire matters because you need to ensure they are a good fit within your company. The work culture dynamic can impact individual performance therefore work ethic, passion and teamwork should be a part of your work culture.


The right tools can facilitate an employee's productivity by having the right software and hardware for them to work with. Your employees also need to be open to change since technology is always changing and they need to keep up with the trends.

Workflows and Processes

You should reduce how many people work on a same task and promote a culture of work autonomy. This not only makes your organization faster and leaner, it makes employees happier. Your workflows should be consistent and reliable so that employees always have a clear roadmap when navigating tasks. Lastly, make sure you have a good documentation of your processes so that your employees can always have access to this information.

Personal Motivation

It is good to set goals and give employees feedback. A competitive compensation and benefits program is always a good way to retain good employees and make them feel motivated and loyal. You can boost motivation through other incentives like pay raises, bonuses, team events and celebrating individual accomplishments.

Besides the aforementioned factors in boosting employee productive it is important to always try to understand your employees. Pay attention to how much time they spend working on certain tasks and be receptive to their feedback. The more you learn about how your employees work, the more you will be able to make long-term changes to boos their productivity.

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