Twitter and Contagious Have Teamed Up To Find Out How To Stand Out In a Sea of Sameness

As more and more brands are succumbing to conformity, Twitter and Contagious have teamed up to find out how to stand out in a sea of sameness.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

In June, Twitter began to investigate how people felt about brands on the platform.

In a survey of 16,000 people across eight countries, 70% of respondents agreed that Brand Twitter was one of the best aspects of the platform. There was also a 44% increase in replies to brand tweets in 2020, with the pandemic that forced people to spend more time online.

However, the research also showed a trend that should alarm the marketers. When respondents were asked to guess the brands which the redacted tweets belonged to, only 38% could pick the right brand from a list of five options. 17% of them admitted their answer was just a guess.

Following an analysis of posts by 20 brands over three years, Twitter saw that they all gradually adopted the same tone of voice, and even began converging around the same key words.

It seems like distinctiveness is on the decline, and Twitter is not the only place.

So, why is distinctiveness not only valuable to brands, but it’s also vital? What is the best way for brands to achieve distinctiveness?  For guidance, Contagious turned to the marketers and agencies behind distinctive brands and asked how they escaped the gravity-like pull of homogeneity to break with category norms.

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