Transforming Brand and Social Media Management

Meta unveiled its Twitter-like platform, 'Threads', attracting over 30 million users within the first day. Quick-to-adapt brands were among the early registrants, keen to evaluate the platform's long-term prospects from both brand management and social media management perspectives.
Curiousbrand Team
July 31, 2023

The registration process was made easy by Meta, enabling users to link Threads to their Instagram accounts, and import their usernames, and followers, all within seconds. This strategy facilitated convenience and ensured a seamless transition due to the platform's striking resemblance to Twitter.

The result was a day filled with dynamic user interaction, allowing businesses and brands to experiment and establish their Threads persona. Among these were several brands that embraced the platform's informal and playful atmosphere, showing that in the world of brand management, authenticity and customer engagement are key.

Social media management experts suggest an experimental approach for brands while the platform evolves. Early adopters have noted the platform's immense potential for commercial opportunities, similar to social media giants like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

However, the platform hasn't been without issues. Some users experienced intermittent lag and content display problems. And, there is a concern regarding Meta's access to a vast amount of personal information.

Furthermore, Threads has made it so that users can't delete their Threads account without also removing their Instagram, a strategy possibly aimed at user retention. While attracting 30 million users within 24 hours is an impressive feat, a percentage of users will likely drop off once the novelty wears off.

All in all, the launch of Threads has stirred up the social media landscape. Despite a few hiccups, the platform's slick user experience and fun atmosphere have been welcomed as a refreshing change, particularly from a brand and social media management perspective.

Small businesses can leverage Threads in various ways to enhance their brand visibility, engagement, and overall growth:

  1. Build Authentic Engagement: The platform's informal and playful atmosphere offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect authentically with their audience. Sharing behind-the-scenes content, staff highlights, or sneak peeks of upcoming products can foster deeper relationships.
  2. Leverage Existing Community: With Threads allowing users to import their Instagram following, small businesses can instantly connect with an audience that's already familiar and engaged with their brand.
  3. Provide Customer Service: Businesses can use Threads to respond to customer inquiries, resolve issues, and get feedback. Prompt, public responses to customer concerns can boost a company's reputation for excellent customer service.
  4. Promote Products or Services: Similar to other social media platforms, Threads can be a powerful marketing tool. Businesses can share photos, videos, or text updates about new products or services, upcoming sales, or special promotions.
  5. Stay Updated and Relevant: By being early adopters of new platforms like Threads, small businesses can stay ahead of trends and show their customers that they are innovative and up-to-date.
  6. Create Brand Personality: Threads can be an excellent place for businesses to showcase their brand's personality. This could mean sharing fun facts, posting humorous content, or having conversations with followers.

Remember, as with any new platform, it's essential for businesses to monitor their analytics to understand what content resonates with their audience, adjust their strategies accordingly, and ensure their efforts align with their overall brand management and social media management strategies.

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