The Future of Branding: Is Augmented Reality Changing the Game?

If you still don't know, branding is an essential tool for companies to stand out and differentiate themselves, ladies and gentlemen. And guess what? Our spooky technology is here to help you in your branding efforts (no, not AI again). Let's talk a bit about Augmented Reality (AR) – that cutting-edge technology that's changing the game of branding as we know it.
May 8, 2023

Facebook tried to give this a push via the Metaverse, but we couldn't quite hop on the bandwagon successfully. The idea is that virtual places will need to be branded, and companies might exist there fully in the upcoming years. That hasn't happened yet, but the applications, like virtual try-on experiences, might be an upfront way for companies to show off.

L'Oréal has been using AR to create virtual makeup try-on experiences for its customers. Their "Virtual Makeup" app allows users to see how different shades and products would look on their face before making a purchase, making the buying experience more convenient and personalized (although not everyone's a fan).

Perhaps a better use for brands could be immersive experiences that transport users to a different world, letting them interact with products and services in a way that was previously impossible. For example, Nike collaborated with Snapchat to launch an AR experience that allowed users to virtually try on their new Air Jordan sneakers and see how they would look on their feet. Similarly, Marriott used AR to create a virtual tour of their hotels, allowing potential guests to explore the rooms and amenities before booking a stay.

Overall, we believe AR won't change branding as we know it just yet. It looks exciting and promising – a good way to spend money, create buzz, and potentially win awards for advertising professionals. But for now, it's still more of a cool novelty than a game-changer in the world of branding.

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