The best investment you can make as a creative

Everyone is investing these days but as a designer or someone working in the creative industry, the best investment you can make is in a good design portfolio.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Creating your design portfolio means you are believing in yourself. Just like you would invest in a company or artist believing you will get something out of it, your portfolio is the same thing except you have full control over the success or failure of it.

Your portfolio is the most passive way of finding opportunities. Having a portfolio online is the easiest way to get more clients without much effort since it can be found on a simple search or by sharing a link. Just by being online you increase your potential returns immediately.

If you're looking to launch your portfolio there's some great resources out there like  Carbonmade or Semplice. Carbonmade is a bit simpler to use but very helpful to launch your own site. Semplice is more advanced and fully customizable. Here's a quick comparison of the two: Semplice vs. Carbonmade.

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