Sub branding in the Film Industry

Everything that has the "brand" in it grabs our curiosity. And naturally, the film business is big on brands and recently we stumbled to an article in that we thought to share.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

The article focuses on brand communication strategies in creating successful film franchises.

The author, Mark Ritson, argues that using sequels and sub-brands can be a way for film studios to create new revenue streams and build on the success of existing films. He suggests that these strategies can help mitigate risk as they already have an established audience for the original film, therefore more likely to draw attention and create more revenue opportunities.

Additionally, by creating sub-brands, it allows studios to develop a wide range of stories and characters within a single franchise. According to Ritson, the key to success in using these strategies is to ensure that the sequels and sub-brands are well-crafted and add value to the original story rather than just repeating it; therefore and in summary, we agree that it is crucial to manage the brand communication effectively.

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