Sonic Branding: Why Every Brand Needs It Today

Do you have a sonic brand? Most brands aren't sonic and when they are it's limited to one medium like a jingle for ads. A few brands have managed to evoke strong brand recognition and associations by having a repetitive and iconic jingle.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Sonic signatures are a particular form of branding which are highly intentional  in order to spark brand recognition. Think of Amazon's Alexa two-tone confirmation.  The reason why these sonic signatures work is because they have a strong speaker impact and with the increasing rate at which we are using smart speakers like Alexa or Nest, making the sonic signatures almost essential to everyday product development.

We can't limit the relevance of sonic signatures to just smart speakers. Since branding just embedded at each consumer touchpoint which is why brands like Mastercard are including sonic branding when customers complete a purchase. This helps consumers create an unconscious brand association and reinforces the consumer to brand relationship.

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