The new design emphasises the name while incorporating two new green communication colours. Other changes to the branding have occurred in addition to the new graphic design.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

The SKODA name and traditional winged arrow in a ring will now be used separately by the company, with the name serving as the primary communication tool. This typographic logo will not only appear on the rear of the vehicles, as it has in previous years, but also on the front.

The NEXT LEVEL ŠKODA Strategy 2030, which steers the Czech carmaker more toward electrification and digitalization, was one factor driving the change. Brand identity, including logo design and overall branding strategy, had to adapt to these two trends.

Customers and fans of the brand will gradually begin to see the new logo. It will first appear on communication materials. Beginning in 2024, the logo will also appear on new models.

Watch the new logo reveal video here: