Maria Conejo is changing people's perceptions of the "P word" as the co-founder of Pussypedia

Every day, ten women are killed in Mexico, and femicide has increased by 137% in the last five years. Maria Conejo, an artist, and illustrator from a small town just a few hours south of Mexico City, stand out from the crowd.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Conejo's paper and canvas are populated by naked, headless women. Figures can dance, float, and kneel among the flowers and flames thanks to her graceful, simple lines.

Conejo already had the odds stacked against her when she and writer Zoe Mendelson launched a Kickstarter campaign to create, a bilingual, gender, and ability inclusive online encyclopedia of the pussy. They were only getting started. Pussypedia, A Comprehensive Guide, written by Mendelson and illustrated by Conejo, was released in 2021.

Conejo would illustrate a bold, shameless, and non-judgmental way of looking at bodies, self-care, and pleasure, while Mendelson would translate the dense and complicated concepts into a clear, concise, and modern language.

Conejo's drawings of the female body and aspects of sexuality, which are both visually appealing and physically accurate, bridge the enormous gap between education and art. Her vibrant palette ranges from the brightest pink to the palest pink.

They have created a platform for today's world in a language that we all understand. Taboo subjects are addressed in a conversational tone that makes them appear normal. In a way that medical journals and textbooks do not, it makes sexuality and health accessible through words and images.

Illustrations by Maria Conejo.

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