Innovation of the Day: Barbie

Barbie says playing with dolls could change the world (and has the science to prove it). Their latest ad campaign has been quite innovative, and we're liking it.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

A new ad by Barbie asks "What if every individual were more empathetic? Every friend, more generous? Every colleague, more patient? Every community, more inclusive? And every leader, more understanding?" The ad suggests the world could be a better place if more kids played with dolls because it helps them develop social skills and empathy. Studies have shown that playing with dolls activates parts of the brain that help develop these skills even if a child is playing alone.

This effort on behalf of Barbie to support emotional and mental health is not new to us, we see many more brands focusing on mental health campaigns. We think this trend is here to stay.

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