If life was packaged like a box of chocolates

Harrods' new box of chocolates can be confused for a small luxury item and are the perfect complement to the store's beautiful shelf offerings.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

The new luxurious design for Harrods chocolate has been created by design house Smith &+Village. The look is made of beautiful color coordinations and a big monogram 'H' and the latest addition to their food hall revamp.

Visitors can see artisans while they make bonbons and other sweets during the live demonstrations done by Harrods' in-house confectioners. The food hall also has ultra high-end offerings from famous chocolatiers Pierre Marcolini, William Curley and To’ak, whose Guayasamin Art Series bars retail at £350 for 50g.

Smith &+Village says their goal was to ensure that their design conveyed a super brand of chocolatiers that felt as opulent as the store itself. The packaging is made of modern materials and have variegated colours that manage to be understated yet celebratory. The end result is a packaging that looks as a gift yet also manages to look harmonious with the store's new decorative elements.

Other confections were included in this design new design, such as the Turkish delights, the fondant, chocolate thins and truffle selection.

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