How to Use Instagram’s New Live Rooms Feature

Instagram has announced Instagram Live Rooms, a new feature that allows up to 3 users to go live in the same room.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Instagram Live rooms will now allow up to 3 people to go live in the same room, allowing users to double the number of people that can be reached during broadcasts. This was a highly requested feature since prior to this a user could only go live with one other person.

Some of the safety measures in this new feature protect users from having blocked accounts join the live. Users who have been revoked for violating Community Guidelines will also be unable to join a Live Room. Lastly, Live Room hosts have the ability to block, report and apply comment filters.

The Live Rooms creates new opportunities for creativity and collaboration. This is a great feature to demonstrate product demos, have panel chats or Q&A's, have live performances and interactive classes.

Learn more about how to use this new tool @Later