How did Adidas screw up the BLM logo complaint?

Adidas is facing criticism after creating a Black Lives Matter-themed logo for its employees to use on their internal communication channels. The logo features the words "Creating Lasting Change" in bold letters, with the letter "C" designed to look like a raised fist, which has become a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Curiousbrand Team
April 28, 2023

The logo was designed as part of the company's efforts to support racial justice and promote diversity and inclusion within the company. However, some employees have criticized the design, saying that it is performative and does not actually address the systemic issues of racism within the company and the wider industry.

One employee wrote a letter to the company's leadership team expressing their concerns about the logo, stating that "while the logo may seem like a small step in the right direction, it is ultimately a performative gesture that does not address the systemic issues of racism and inequality within the company." The employee went on to call for more concrete action from the company, including greater diversity in hiring, training and development programs, and the creation of a more inclusive workplace culture.

Adidas has responded to the criticism, saying that they take all feedback seriously and that they are committed to listening to their employees and making meaningful changes to promote diversity and inclusion. The company also stated that they have launched a number of initiatives aimed at addressing racism and promoting diversity within the company, including the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the establishment of a new role of Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

The controversy over the Black Lives Matter logo highlights the ongoing debate over the role of performative gestures in promoting social justice and addressing systemic issues of racism and inequality. While symbols and logos can be powerful tools for raising awareness and promoting solidarity, they can also be seen as superficial gestures that do little to address the root causes of social problems.

As companies and organizations grapple with these issues, it is clear that there is no easy solution. Meaningful change requires a sustained and concerted effort to address the underlying issues of racism and inequality, both within companies and in society as a whole.

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