How AI can work for employer branding?

Employer #branding (which so many companies don't have a clue) refers to how an organization is perceived as a place to work and its ability to effectively communicate its value to potential and current employees. As the younger generation enters the workforce, more companies started using AI to revamp their employer branding strategies, making them more appealing to individuals who prioritize a company's culture and sense of purpose.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Using AI-generated avatars may sound like a good #experience! These "avatars" can be used as brand representatives allowing companies to showcase their core values and unique characteristics. (There's a chance it can be cold, though.)

By implementing these new AI technologies for job candidates or even current employees, companies can enhance their employer brand image, and attract more newbies to join the company.

And Forbes has a good article on this matter click here to read more.

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