From SurveyMonkey to Momentive - How a 20 year old tech company rebranded themselves to become the ultimate destination for enterprise research tool

The 20 year-old tech company SurveyMonkey has rebranded as Momentive and has repositioned themselves as a leader in agile experience management.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

The SurveyMonkey consumer is an innovator and SurveyMonkey has been there to provide fast and high-quality insights to help them bring the speed their consumers seek. The rebrand is more than just a logo and company name change. SurveyMonkey will stay as a survey product brand while GetFeedback will now become a customer insight product category. allows the company to rebrand as an overarching entreprise that has all the essential premium solutions for market research. After lots of consideration and research, the company decided to rebrand based on the following reasons.

They decided on a bold change

In 2018, based on demand from their own customers and the rise of the feedback economy, the company's focus shifted towards the enterprise. Today SurveyMonkey has already made integrations with other companies like Zoom, SalesForce, ServiceNow and Microsoft. Their research showed them that their current name was not properly reflecting what the company is doing now.

To provide a new intersection between people and technology

There is a lot of potential to grow in the enterprise space. Even their new logo and brand colors was designed to evoke a sense that Momentive is here to empower people in organizations to find the best solutions for their needs. The name was decided after much research and finally agreed that Momentive evokes a sense of movement and innovation. The .ai domain for the website was carefully selected to reinforce the powerful AI and machine learning that is at the core of all of their solutions.

Change happens wether you embrace it or not

The company's mission has always been to raise the bar for human experiences for human experiences by amplifying individual voices. Now they have adopted a brand voice that will allow them to reach even broader scopes of work. The relaunch will help them accelerate their enterprise programs and allow them to express their innate curiosity since the birth of SurveyMonkey.

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