Electronics giant LG Electronics has embarked on a remarkable journey

South Korean consumer electronics giant LG Electronics has embarked on a remarkable journey to redefine its brand image and attract the new generation, specifically Gen Z.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

The company has skillfully unveiled a minimalist #rebranding #strategy that includes a sleek, 2D logo design, an enhanced color palette, and a revitalized emphasis on its well-loved brand slogan, "Life's Good."

The redesigned logo boasts a contemporary, flat design aligned with the minimalist aesthetic preferred by the #younger generation.

The streamlined visual eliminates unnecessary distractions, focusing on the brand's essence and the iconic L and G letters. LG takes the art of humanization to new heights by incorporating motion capabilities into the logo, such as nodding, winking, and spinning, allowing for more personal and engaging interactions with customers.

As part of the rebranding, LG is spotlighting its evocative "Life's Good" slogan, now featuring more prominently across branding materials and product packaging. A unique custom serif typeface has been crafted specifically for this purpose, cleverly weaving in shapes inspired by various LG products as an homage to the company's innovative spirit.

The updated visual identity extends to LG's color palette, where the traditional LG Red is now accompanied by an invigorating and youthful hue called LG Active Red. The introduction of this energetic color will enhance customer contact points, adding dimension and vigor. Additionally, LG Active Red, white, and black gradient elements provide a versatile representation of LG's diverse range of products.

The rebranding initiative is an intelligent move to highlight LG's core values of "Uncompromising Customer Experience," "Human-centered Innovation," and "Warmth to Power a Smile," while appealing to the sensibilities and preferences of the new generation. By implementing this strategy, LG aims to establish itself as an iconic brand that resonates with consumers across generations and geographies.

LG's minimalist rebranding strategy demonstrates its commitment to adapt, evolve, and cater to the rapidly changing demands of the global consumer electronics market. With a refined visual identity, innovative design approach, and a focus on engaging the younger generation, LG is set to solidify its position as a brand that seamlessly blends innovation with warmth and human connection.

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