Earth Day: Sharna Pax Film Screening

Film collective Sharna Pax programme an online screening of three short films on the occasion of Earth Day.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Film collective Sharna Pax (Studios resident Maeve Brennan, Tinne Zenner and Therese Henningsen) present Word for Forest (2018) by Pia Rönicke, Kevin Jerome Everson's Cardinal (2019), and Die Donau Rauf (1969) by Peter Nestler and Zsóka Nestler for Somerset House's Earth Day programme. Each film concerns a different environment - forest, sky, and river, here's a brief overview of each one of them:

Word for Forest follows the movement of a seed from the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen back to its origins in the Mexican Oaxaca mountains.

Cardinal observes birdwatchers looking for the state bird of Ohio.

Die Donau Rauf traces the layered histories of the Danube. The film engages with the inhabitants of these places - people, plants, birds and boats - the films offer subtle and nuanced encounters with complex histories marked by colonialism.

Sharna Pax's online film programme marks the 51st year of Earth Day, as part of Somerset House's year-round commitment to environmental sustainability.

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