Digital Nomadland

A village for remote workers was established on a Portuguese island, promising community to the newcomers and prosperity to the locals—but delivering on neither.
April 19, 2023

A village in Madeira, Portugal, has been designed specifically for digital nomads, or people who work remotely and travel frequently. The village, called NomadX, offers accommodations, coworking spaces, and a variety of amenities and activities for its residents. It is intended to provide a supportive community and a convenient place for digital nomads to live and work while they explore the island. The article also discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of the digital nomad lifestyle, and how NomadX is trying to address them.

Of course, The Digital Nomad Village is not a real village. The actual, centuries-old village of Ponta do Sol is superimposed and used as the foundation for this marketing ploy and virtual infrastructure that makes it possible for international remote workers to communicate with one another. The free coworking space, a portion of one of the few modern buildings in town and the closest thing the Digital Nomad Village has to a physical structure, is located at the John Dos Passos Cultural Center. Locals congregate downstairs for movie showings, dance classes, and photo exhibits. Foreign remote workers congregate upstairs to use Zoom meetings in the courtyard while staring at their laptops.

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