Curious Brand declares emergency!

The science has been established. We are facing a climate and natural disaster. The world has reached a tipping point; the breakdown has begun.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Design Declares is a growing coalition of designers, design studios, agencies, and institutions working to declare a climate and environmental emergency. As Curious Brand, we pledge to use the tools of our industry to reimagine, rebuild, and heal our world as part of the global declaration movement. We have declared an emergency!

As members of an industry that relies on production and fuels global consumption, we must acknowledge that we played a role in getting us here and that we will play an important role in what comes next.

It's time for change!

We are daring to reimagine the way we create every product, service, campaign, and designed solution we put out into the world in collaboration with our clients, partners, and colleagues across the supply chain.  

This entails measuring and actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption associated with our designs.

This requires incorporating sustainability, circularity, and, ultimately, regenerative design principles into our practise in order to recapture and repurpose resources and materials.

And it involves thinking in terms of systems, seeing the big picture, and collaborating with others to hone design's incredible capacity to influence and accelerate climate repair and justice.

We invite our colleagues from across the design industry to join us in declaring an emergency and starting to take urgent action. You can check the D! website to find out the eight places to start.