Colors are the new thing, not logos.

To create the most fundamental form of brand awareness, fashion houses and streetwear brands are minting their own colors.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Remember Tiffany & Co.'s famous "Tiffany Blue"? What about Hermès' famous "Orange H"? That is precisely what brands strive for. Valentino and its Fall 2022 collection, in which the brand collaborated with Pantone to create its own shade of pink called "Valentino Pink PP."

Because of the rise of immersive, experiential, and multi-layered marketing. To promote a brand, anything from a physical wall to an Instagram Story to entire metaverse environments could be painted in a variety of bright colors.

Additional brands and colors:

Supreme is known for using a distinct shade of red on all of its products, collaborations, and collections.

Bottega Veneta has trademarked its long-standing green shade, "Bottega Green."

The question I had... What is the process by which a brand trademarks a color? How is this even possible?

It must be done in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute, and brands must demonstrate that the color is actually linked to a good or service that customers associate with the brand.