Camille Walala creates pop-up Supermarket food store at the Design Museum

Designer Camille Walala has turned the London Design Museum's shop into a pop-up supermarket selling artist-designed foods.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

The pop up supermaket installation opens to the public on April 21st even though the museum won't be opening until May 17th .  The shop at the Design Museum aims to help people "nourish their creativity" as the UK comes out of a 3 month lockdown when supermarkets were one of the few places to remain open. The initiative is a design curation of Camille Walala and 9 other artists who each designed a different product specifically for this store ranging from tea, pasta sauce, dish-washing liquid to gin.

The installation, which has the slogan "Creativity is Essential", was created in collaboration between the museum and Bombay Sapphire with the products' designs inspired by the gin brand's classic blue-coloured bottles. Walala comments that "this installation is an opportunity to rethink about what we buy, who profits and what we consider to be essential."

The limited-edition items will be sold in-store at Supermarket and online until they sell out. The proceeds will be going to the museum's new Emerging Designer Access Fund, which gives free design museum tickets to emerging designers and is supported by Bombay Sapphire.

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