Calendly’s Brand Refresh Reminds Users How Easy Scheduling Their Next Meeting Can Be

The scheduling platform gets a makeover.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Calendly was founded eight years ago to address the pain-point of constant back and forth emails, missed phone calls and the logistical pains that arise when trying to schedule a meeting. Its visual identity finally got a refresh and they felt this was the right time to do so as the company has begun to transition from as a part of a software ecosystem. Calendly wanted to make sure that its new look captured its prominence in the market and as well as the essence of what they do for consumers.

Calendly's new looks is simple yet bold, reflecting its role in helping users do things neatly and conveniently. The new look was made by Pentagram and uses modernist typography with geometric touches to express Calendly's role in modern day connectivity. The new look also reflects it's use amongst a broad audience that ranges from teachers to sales reps.

Beyond their new look, Calendly is currently rolling out new features for enterprise customers and is allowing for integrations with apps like Zoom, Slack and GoToMeeting. The brand refresh helps reflect the shift we are experiencing as a collect as we move to a world of increased digital interactions.

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