Branding in the TikTok Era: How Restaurants are Adapting to the New Normal

Restaurant branding is an old business. But branding in the new Tiktok time is something new!
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

It is obvious that the restaurant industry has been impacted greatly by the pandemic, and this somewhat led to the creation of new and innovative menu items. Many restaurants have pivoted to offering takeout and delivery options, and as a result, they have had to rethink how they present their menu.

To keep up with changing customer demands, restaurants are now offering more plant-based options, healthier choices, and unique blends of flavors. They also focus on creating visually appealing dishes to attract customers through social media.

One example is the rise in "Instagrammable" foods, which are visually stunning dishes specifically created for sharing on social media. The use of vibrant colors and unique presentations has made these dishes a hit among customers.

In conclusion, the pandemic has changed how we dine and the types of food being offered. Restaurants are now focusing on creating healthier, visually appealing options and unique blends of flavors to keep up with customer demand. So, the "brand experience" (we will definitely argue the difference between "brand experience" vs. "customer experience") is getting weirder, more sophisticated, and funnier.

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