Autonomous imprints standing SmartDesks with colourful artworks

Working from home and having a hard time getting the perfect setup? You're not the only one, but luckily there's a new desk contender on the market and can definitely brighten any room.
Curiousbrand Team
April 19, 2023

Office furniture company Autonomous collaborated with different artists and illustrators to create a range of height-adjustable desk that are ergonomic and cheer up any workspace. The Autonomous x Artists collection has a variety of artworks ranging from cartoons, geometric shapes and nature-inspired patterns. Artists wanted to remind people that they should feel inspired when sitting at their desk and make you feel that you work at a desk that is worthy of your time and work.

Engineers at Autonomous mastered UV printing technology, creating a result that is durable and colour-accurate as well as scratch and fade resistant. UV technology uses an ink that dries instantly so the end result looks particularly sharp.

The smart desks have sturdy frames made from high-quality steel and a dual-engine motor that is capable of lifting up to 136 kilograms, so feel free to pile up as much office gear as you need. The desk can remember up to four different personalised heights, which can be easily changed using the integrated keypad.

Interested in upgrading you work from home setup? The desks are now available to pre-order on Autonomous website. Link to the full story @Dezeen