Ambitious steps from Fanta: Throw the orange and rebrand it!

Fanta, the popular fruit-flavored soft drink, has recently undergone a global rebranding to mark its 75th anniversary. The new branding features a more modern, minimalist design with a brighter color palette and a focus on the drink's fruit flavors.
April 19, 2023

The rebranding was designed to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience and reflect the changing tastes of consumers. The new logo features a simplified version of the brand's iconic spiral design, with a brighter shade of orange and a new font. The bottle and can designs have also been updated with a more streamlined shape and a simplified label.

The new Fanta branding was created by the London-based creative agency, Koto, who worked closely with the Fanta team to develop a new visual identity that reflected the brand's history and values while also appealing to a new generation of consumers.

One of the key challenges of the rebranding was to create a design that would appeal to a global audience while also reflecting the unique tastes and preferences of consumers in different regions. To achieve this, Koto developed a set of design principles that were inspired by the unique qualities of the drink, including its fruit flavors, bubbly texture, and playful personality.

The new Fanta branding has been well-received by consumers and industry experts alike. Many have praised the brand for its bold, eye-catching design and its ability to capture the essence of the drink's fruity flavors.

The Fanta rebranding is part of a wider trend in the food and beverage industry towards more minimalist, modern design that emphasizes simplicity and authenticity. Many brands are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors by focusing on their unique flavors and ingredients, rather than relying on flashy packaging and marketing campaigns.

Overall, the Fanta rebranding is a great example of how a well-executed design can help a brand stay relevant and appeal to new audiences, while also honoring its heritage and core values. The new Fanta branding is a testament to the power of visual storytelling and the importance of developing a strong visual identity that resonates with consumers on a deep, emotional level.

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