A visual identity for the world’s most ‘hyped’ technology, Cohere.

Pentagram partnered with NLP pioneers Cohere to develop a groundbreaking visual identity, website, and playground environment for their innovative language AI platform.
Curiousbrand Team
May 3, 2023

Cohere aims to make natural language processing (NLP) more accessible for any software engineer at any company, bridging the gap between deep expertise and vast computing power.

The new brand identity is centered around the concept of "new nature," (there's apparently such a thing) blending the fluidity and imperfections of nature with the rationality and efficiency of computing. The visual identity incorporates the Voronoi pattern, named after mathematician Georgy Voronoy, which is found in various natural elements like giraffe coats and dragonfly wings. The Cohere logo consists of a symbol and wordmark, both utilizing cell-like components to represent the platform's interconnected nature.

Cohere's color palette combines natural tones with synthetic hues to further illustrate the convergence of nature and technology. The custom typeface includes headline, outline, text, and mono versions, with the headline version featuring Voronoi cell cuts dispersed throughout the characters.

A suite of digital tools was created to bring the "New Nature" concept to life and enable Cohere's internal marketing and design teams to craft compelling ways to communicate their brand. These tools include a bespoke Figma plugin, layout component libraries, and a custom Cinema 4D tool.

Visual identity is designed across website, user dashboard, and playground, creating an intuitive and visually appealing platform for users to explore the company's language AI services.

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