12 Incredibly Niche Podcasts

Did you know there is a podcast dedicated to Yelp reviews? But did you know there are quite a few of them?
April 19, 2023

Whatever strange corner of the world your interests reside in, there is (probably) a podcast for that. Here are 12 that are noticeably out of the ordinary, but please share your more unusual favourites in the comments.

Podcasts are great because they have a low barrier to entry. Experts and enthusiasts of all kinds can pick up a microphone and start recording a show about the strange and niche things that fascinate them the most—no matter how strange or niche, podcasters can make the kind of content they're obsessed with without having to prove to some studio exec that there's a huge audience for it.

The thing about niche audiences is that there are hundreds of thousands of them, and the internet has proven that they are much larger than you believe. Click here to find 12 incredibly niche podcasts listed Lauren Passell for Lifehacker.