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Resurrecting your email list: A lesson from Sandows
Get a taste of Sandows with 20% off — find the code at the end!

Get a taste of Sandows with 20% off — find the code at the end!


My poetry could do with a lot more work, that’s for sure, but it’s not as bad as the spam-like promotional email strategies that many brands are using to try and boost sales. While it can be effective for companies with a varied range of products, companies with fewer products need to focus on pushing for sales in the moments that make the most sense for their customers. For it to be effective, they need to associate their brand with interesting content that’s relevant to their products so when the time is right for a sales push via email, people will be more receptive and likely to make a purchase.

Sandows have been making cold brew coffee since 2014 just as the UK was starting to pick up the already popular coffee brewing method from the US. I’ve been subscribed to their newsletter for about three years and, until July this year, I had only received 7 emails that were focused on product promotions, so when I received an email with the subject ‘Hi! Allow us to introduce ourselves’, I was intrigued. Over the next week they sent an email every day taking me through their story and journey. I was super impressed with the campaign and enjoyed reading every email so I got in touch with Sandows’ co-founder, Hugh, to find out what sparked this campaign, the positive effect they’ve seen from re-engaging their subscribers and some learnings other e-commerce startups can apply. Take a look at the email campaign at the end of this post.

What was the reason for running the campaign?

We had a list of roughly 3k email subscribers but just weren’t making the most of it. We’re a really small team so we tend to work on one project at a time but we were excited to finally get to this as it allowed us to really sink our teeth into curating the full customer journey.

What was the aim?

Our aim with the on boarding series is to educate our fans about our brand, who we are and what we make with a series of pretty short and sweet emails. Our thinking was that if people know all the basics of our brand story and ethos, they’ll be more receptive to what we have to say in the future.

Did you get the results you wanted?

Absolutely, so far so good. We back flowed the campaign to all our existing subscribers at risk of sending them info they already knew, but we cleaned our list a little in the process and got everyone on the same page. Over the last 6–8 weeks that we’ve been running our Welcome flow, which consists of six emails, we’ve seen really encouraging open rates — starting with 80–85% on the first email, dropping to 60% by the fifth email with an uplift on our final email where we offer a 20% off code to say thanks for sticking with us which is seeing a ~20% click rate. We’ve seen just under £1000 in sales via the discount in the first two months.