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Coors Light’s new ‘Made to Chill’ campaign breaks from its mountainous past

Coors Light, which has spent years connecting its brand to Rocky Mountain imagery, is getting domesticated. A new campaign called “Made to Chill,” lacks the snowy peaks and mountain streams that have filled previous ads. Instead of wildlife, the brand is leaning into home life. One ad shows a woman getting home from work, feeding the fish and opening the beer while removing her bra from under her shirt. Another spot shows a man showering with the beer.

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I’ve been a ‘millennial therapist’ for more than 5 years—and this is their No. 1 complaint

Let me start by saying that I never expected to be a “millennial therapist” when I entered the field of psychotherapy 10 years ago.

But five years into practicing, I began to notice an influx of millennials seeking my help. Now, 90% of my patients are between the ages of 23 and 38. (The rest are mostly parents of millennials.)

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