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Lego's new and first global brand campaign


Lego's new brand campaign, "Rebuild the World," promises a lot with its tagline.

The tagline, which is so powerful, is relevant to today's world and a catchy one. The feel of the campaign (at least its video) is comforting and relaxed. However, some might think there is a "hostility" and "killing" in it. Moreover, this wouldn't be wrong. Not to forget Lego's target audience is not only children but also their parents, and the parents know how the world is and how necessary it is to "rebuild the world".

In summary, this new brand campaign gives customers:

  • The beauty of the dreams

  • Soft and pastel colors

  • Comforting & Playful sound

  • The clever and playful figure

  • Smell of marshmallow

  • Some animal killing!

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