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Why did Steve Jobs let that last photo of him be taken and published?

This is actually not the last photo of him. There is a photo that shows him returning home from hospital, a couple of days later he dies. I will post it below.

There can be many reasons why Steve Jobs couldn't stop the photo. First of all it is incredibly hard to delete something out of the internet. Once a picture is online anyone can copy it. So whenever you delete a photo from a webpage expect someone else to repost it on another page. Despite the fact, that everyone knew his bad health conditions it wasn't a surprise seeing him that skinny and fragile.

This photo was published in August 2011, after he stepped down as CEO of Apple. So his last appearance as CEO was the WWDC2011 where he already looked shockingly ill.


After that keynote everyone knew, he is not going to be there so much longer.

Not being CEO anymore released the burden to be super careful of his health status, since the stock of Apple was highly connected with Steve Jobs’ health. Any rumor made the share price move as you might remember.

Steve Jobs at that time knew, that his days were most certainly over. That is why he gathered all his energy to ensure a bolt future for Apple. Would you spend your last days with haunting people who publish Stuff about you? Remember, shortly after his death his biography was published wherein he openly speaks about his whole health issue, so why keeping it a secret?

Here is the last appearance before his death. He looks more dead than alive. This was taken on September 27th 2011. So one week before he passed.