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Visual Diet?

In the age of the influencer, we're increasingly force-fed thousands of images every day. Hyper-retouched, sexually gratuitous bite-sized images are served up fast and fleeting. They often leave us feeling hollow and inadequate. These are the empty calories. The visual calories we gorge on because they're there. Our appetite for this type of content is insatiable. It is visual sugar and we are addicted.

Consuming too much of this content seriously harms your mental health

We're not telling you to go on a Kimye crash diet. Moderation and balance are key. In need of nourishment? Check out our instagram page.

Our vision is a world where we consciously moderate our own visual diets by challenging the way we currently consume imagery and interact with social media. A world where content creators and consumers consider the side effects of their uploads before they hit "share." A world where success is not measured by social metrics, but by wellbeing and positive mental health.

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